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TSP Implementing Head of Departments Head of Department Name Name of the Comm./Director Phone/Cell Number Fax Number Email ID Office Address
1 Agriculture Department Sri M. Harijavaharlal, IAS., Commissioner 23222161 23221084
2 Horticulture Department Dr. S.S. Sreedhar, IFS., Commissioner of Horticulture & Sericulture 08632216477 08632216470
3 Sericulture Department Sri Chiranjeevi Choudhary, IFS.,Commissioner, Ex-Officio Secretary to Government (Horticulture & Sericulture) 08632247421
4 Registrar of Co-Operative Societies Sri J.Murali, IAS.,Commissioner
5 Animal Husbandry Department Sri Dr.G.Somasekaram, Director 9989998048
6 Fisheries Department Sri Ram Shankar Naik, IAS.,Commissioner of Fisheries 08662584555
7 Principal Chief Conservator of Forests Sri
8 Higher Education Secretariat Sri J. Syamala Rao, IAS, Principal Secretary to Government 0863-2444322
9 Technical Education Department Sri G.S.Panda Das, IAS.,Special Commissioner
10 Collegiate Education Department Sri G.S.Panda Das, IAS.,Special Commissioner 24602285,
11 Energy and Infrastructure Secretariat K.Vijayanand, IAS, Special Chief Secretary to Government 0863-2442309
12 School Education Department Smt. K.Sandhya Rani, IPoS.,Commissioner of School Education
13 Intermediate Education Department Smt B. Udayalaxmi, IAS.,Commissioner
14 Food and Civil Supplies Department Sri Budithi Rajasekhar, IAS.,Commissioner, Civil Supplies & Ex-Officio Secretary to Government 040-23310965 040-23310974
15 Medical Education Department Sri
16 Public Health and Family Welfare Department Dr. S.Aruna Kumari.,Director
17 Family Welfare Department Dr.Sujatha Sharma,IAS.,Special Commissioner, Executive director (NRHM)
18 Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha & Homeopathy (AYUSH) Department Smt. M. Revathi, IFS.,Commissioner, Ayush 0866-2410065 /2410066
19 Drugs Control Administration Sri
20 Andhra Pradesh Crime Investigation Department Sri
21 Weaker Section Housing Sri Kantilal Dande, IAS.,Managing Director
22 Minor Irrigation Department Sri Ch.Sivarama Prasad,Chief Engineer
23 Industries, Commerce and Export Promotion Department Sri Siddharth Jain, IAS.,Commissioner of Industries 0866-2530775 ,
24 Information Technology, Electronics & Communications Secretariat Sri.Saurabh Gaur, IAS, Secretary to Government Principal Secretary to Government(FAC) 0863-2444243
25 Labour Department Sri
26 Municipal Administration and Urban Development Secretariat Smt. Y. Srilakshmi, IAS, Special Chief Secretary to Government 0863-2442024/2313,
27 Municipal Administration Department Sri D.Muralidhar Reddy, IAS., Managing Director, Swacha Bharat 0866-2456708
28 Planning Secretariat Sri Vijay Kumar G SRKR, IAS, Secretary to Government (FAC) 0863-2442707,
29 Panchayat Raj Department Sri
30 Panchayat Raj Engineering Department Sri C.V.S. Ram Murthy.,Engineer-IN-Chief(PR) 9440733596 23326083
31 Rural Development Department Sri Ramanjaneyulu, IAS., Commissioner
32 Rural Water Supply Department Er.G.Veera Pratap.,Chief Engineer-II (I/C), NRDWP Projects, Project Director, APRWSSP 9100120533
33 Land Administration Department Sri
34 Relief and Disaster Management Commissionerate Sri Lav Agarwal, IAS.,Commissioner, Disaster Management and Ex-Officio Secretary to Government(FAC) 040-23456005 040-23451819
35 Skill Development, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Secretariat Sri.Saurabh Gaur, IAS, Principal Secretary to Government (FAC)
36 Employment and Training Department Sri
37 Technical Education Department Sri
38 Tribal Welfare Department Sri
39 Administration, State Roads & Road Safety Works (RSW), ENC (R&B) Sri Ch.V.Soma Sekhar, Chief Engineer (R&B) 9440818004 NA
40 Rural Roads, ENC (R&B) Sri Y Rajeev Reddy.,Chief Engineer 9848054918
41 Women Development & Child Welfare Department Sri H.ArunKumar, IAS.,Special Commissioner
42 Persons with Differently Abled and Senior Citizens Welfare Department Sri KRBHN Chakravarthi, I A S., 9100069717
43 Cultural Affairs Department Dr.Vijaya Bhaskar.,Director 23242989,23242482 23212832
44 Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh (SAAP) Sri N. Banagara Raju, Vice Chairman & Managing Director 0866-23232396 0866 -23232397
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